Author's Recommendations

"Laurie edited my debut picture book, Samurai Santa: A Very Ninja Christmas. Her feedback and insight were most valuable and helped me see the book in a new light. With Laurie's advice, I was able to identify where the book should end. Laurie helped me cut the fat from my manuscript and deliver a more finished product to Simon & Schuster. Laurie is easy to work with and her advice can be relied upon. If you're developing a manuscript for submission to agencies or publishers, I highly recommend her services."  

~Rubin Pingk, Children's Book Author and Illustrator

"Ms. Klaass effectively executed a complete manuscript review for our company...with incredible efficiency and ahead of schedule." 

~ B. Howard, Manager, LifeLine Media, LLC.

"Many thanks to my...editor, Laurie Klaass, who helped me clarify the text and who has given me many wise insights preparation and publication." ~ F. Reid, Non-Fiction Author