An Author's Best Friend

Editing is "the heart" of the publishing business.* And finding the right editor, who also cares about your creation, can be a difficult task.

As an editor and author, I understand the creative process from both sides of the work. It is my belief that the creator is the best resource for the final outcome. Elle Publishing has a history of caring for the work as if it were our own. We will offer you more choices on the finished product and provide the level of edit needed to allow the product to prosper.  

There are many publishing options for authors today. Whether you want to self-publish, ePublish, or go the traditional route through an agent, professional editing of your work is essential for success. No matter the depth of edit, your work will be polished by an expert for the style of publishing you desire. 

In addition to editing, we can explore the publication direction for your book to become fully accessible to the audience.                          
                                                                                                                                                       ~Laurie Klaass, Managing Editor

*According to Encyclopedia Brittanica